Simple Measurement Form

Simple Measurement Form

If you have already taken our 3D body scan thank you, we use those measurements, together with this simple formand 3 photos of you in an existing jacket, to help us create the best possible fit for you.

Firstly we need your height, sleeve length, S, R or L and body type.

Our standard Sleeve Lengths - this is measured from point of shoulder, with your hand on your hip, to where you wish your sleeve to end.

Regular - 24.75 inches 63 cm Short - 23.5 inches 60 cm Long - 26 inches 66 cm

If you don't have a tape measure - don't worry, most people know if they are regular, short or long and if we have any doubts, we will come back to you.

Please choose your body type from these images.

Jeans size in inches: Please give us the waist and inside leg measurement, if you are requiring a tailcoat, otherwise just the waist is fine.

The brand and size of your breeches - please tell us whether the size is DE, UK or US.

Size and Brand of current jacket: Size in DE (most useful) UK or US. Please tell usthe size of the jacket you are wearing in the photos and in the note box you can make any remarks regarding the fit.

Bra size or Mens regular jacket size - these are really useful for us.

Usually this is all we need but if it is not possible for you to take the body scan (a smart phone is required) we may ask you for some existing garment measurements. Usually just the bust/chest and waist are sufficient - it is very easy, just click the link to our video guide. We will tell you if we need you to do this for us.

There is no character limit in the note box, so feel free to tell us as much as you can.

This is usually all we need, our tailors are highly experienced and we have under 1% of garments needing further alterations. However, if we have any doubts at all, we will come back to you for a couple more additional measurements.